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Natural Skins Pillows

Hand crafted, high fashion decorative pillows feature genuine cowhide fur. Shapes of varying tones and directions are meticulously hand-sewn to create the stylish designs of these uniquely textured home accents.

Nourmak Pillows

Hand woven of pure wool in Nourison’s patented Nourmak weave for an elegant antique look. Designed to coordinate with Nourison’s world-famous Nourmak area rugs.

Aubusson Pillows

Nourison’s Aubusson pillows are crafted from premium wool or pure silk, meticulously dyed and hand woven into designs reminiscent of the finest tapestries created for the royal nobility of centuries past. These sophisticated pile-less weaves add texture, warmth and style to any room. Filled with genuine down for softness and shape resilience.

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